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Technology: Evolution vs. Involution – Panel Discussion

Technology: Evolution vs. Involution – Panel Discussion

The industrial revolution has brought major changes as far as economy, society and workforce is seen in general. Digital technologies marked an evident progress in the field of research and evolution of products and services. With technology being our first aid for everything, do we evolve cognitively as well, or do we just regress?

Our panel Technology -Evolution vs. Involution, held as part of Cluj Tech Society | Jobs & EdTech Talks, treats the impact technology has over the human mind and its utility in education.

Our panel guests are:
Thea Ionescu, from the Psychology College of UBB,
Maria Predoiu, EdTech entrepreneur
Urania Cremene, author of the program ‘All about Parenting.’

Schedule: 16th of November, 15:00 – 15:40


Nov 16 2019


15:30 - 16:10