Zaki Milhem

AI & Society reunites on the Cluj Tech Society Conference’s stage experts from several activity domains, in order to discuss different hypotheses regarding the following idea: Are you ready for the disruptive impact of AI?

Example of hypothesis: You’re living in the year 2040. In which fields the influence of AI can be felt at its highest levels? Give arguments.

Zaki Milhem

Anesthesiology Resident / Institutul Regional de Gastroenterologie-Hepatologie Octavian Fodor

Zaki is a PhD student, an anesthesiology resident and an innovative entrepreneur in healthtech. He is founder and CEO of WakeZ, a digital solution for better sleep, and a possible digital therapeutic for mental health. He also has two ongoing biotech research projects in infection prevention and antimicrobial resistance, that will soon become start-ups.



Mar 16 2019


02:30 PM - 04:00 PM