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Lifelong Learning – Your #1 Self-Programming Language

Lifelong Learning – Your #1 Self-Programming Language

From coaching to mentorship and top class training programs, Maria Predoiu, co-founder & CEO Qriser, was recognised amongst top 50 most influential women in Romania by Forbes, 2 years in a row, while also being recognised as IAA Global Champion by IAA Global.
Maria believes that education is the one true force that empowers people to live happier, more accomplished and more conscious lives. She will join our Cluj Tech Society | Jobs & EdTech Talks event next month, to talk about Lifelong Learning – your #1 Self-Programming Language. “In the midst of the Tech Revolution, what should we do to stay relevant? How can we Skill, UpSkill, ReSkill ourselves for the future? You will understand the urgency of LifeLong Learning, but also how technology can help and how we can take control of our future self through conscious design of our learning path.”
She will also join our speakers panel at Technology: Evolution vs. Involution – Panel Discussion!


Nov 15 2019


17:30 - 18:00