Face recognition

Face recognition has always been an important problem to solve due its sensitivity in regards to security and because it closely related to people identity. For many years, face recognition applications were mostly popular especially in criminology and searching for wanted persons with cameras and sometimes even using satellites. Now days, in deep-learning era face recognition is widely found from simple applications to unlocking your phone offering state of the art accuracy.
During this presentation, learners will explore what are the face recognition challenges. Furthermore, we walk through the general approaches and intuitions on how to address the problems efficiently. Gradually more details and formal definitions are presented by gaining even more insight and intuition to most of the state of the art techniques. In the end, we will putt all together by building a Java face recognition application based on inception network (google state of the art convolution network).

Kelvis Ramo

Senior Java Software Engineer | Wirecard AG

Highly motivated Software Engineer with a solid education background. Love writing and sharing opinions, http://ramok.tech. Aiming to create stable and creative solutions with performance in mind. Passionate about coding and Machine Learning with several open source contributions. Experienced in developing web services and REST. Several years with highly transnational systems and multithreading. Eager to learn new technology and to improve systems performance and scalability.


Mar 16 2019


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM