Eugeniu Girla

During the first year of activity, almost 80% of businesses hit bankruptcy, which signals the lack of information and preparation of many entrepreneurs found at the beginning of their career. Together with a series of entrepreneurs we will try to identify and defeat a few myths about the creation and management of a company.

Eugeniu Girla

Co-founder GAUS

Passionate about People, HR and Training since 2005, worked for more than 4 years in the NGO sector (co-founder AIESEC Moldova), also been working in the Corporate Sector as a business trainer and recruiter for 10 years in more than 7 countries (co-founder Academia Nicolae Dumitrescu). Since 2012, involved with biggest Career Events in Moldova and Romania (co-founder TdC Moldova). Since 2016 entered in HR & Startups world (co-founder GAUS).

Since 2016 entered in HR & Startups world (co-founder GAUS). GAUS ONE platform for ALL junior developers. We developed a focused platform specially designed for Junior Developers. Technology – We use chatbot for quick user acquisition and basic profile development. Algorithms – We match candidates with the help of tailored IT recruitment algorithm and we track 25+ data points and engagement of candidates throughout. Feedback – Automated and curated recruitment tests, feedback and coaching helps users and candidates understand better the IT job market.


Mar 15 2019


01:00 PM - 01:20 PM