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Impact of AI on Education

Impact of AI on Education

Diana Gergeanu

Application Architect

Application Architect, People Manager, Mentor, Diana loves experiencing new technologies and working with and around people.
She started as a Java developer and slowly shifted to an Application Architect role, now being in charge of designing solutions in the financial and insurance industries. She was actively involved in the successful delivery of more than 10 projects, fulfilling multiple roles: developer, technical lead, team lead, architect.
She embraces both technical and context challenges and loves growing her skills and supporting the growth of those around her.
Her interest has focused lately on unveiling the power of artificial intelligence and cognitive to the benefit of the businesses faced with challenges of the continuous market changes.

Presentation Topic: Impact of AI on Education

When was the last time you had a “WoW experience” while learning? Took you longer than 2 seconds and still don’t remember one? We will unveil some of the secrets of how AI helps and eases the human learning process. You will get to find out how you can contribute back in improving this on-going process!
Starting from statistics and navigating to the architecture behind will be a journey from user to implementer, ending with a palette of options of what future might look l


Nov 16 2019


14:00 - 14:30