Bringing .NET Bot alive with .NET Core, Machine Learning and IoT!

Now more than ever, the new vision of Microsoft, “Any Developer, Any App, Any Platform.”, is getting closer to reality.
.NET Core breaks the boundary of the Windows platform, IoT brings new senses to the machines and Machine Learning changes the way we code.
In this session you will see a .NET Core 3 web application on a Raspberry Pi running Linux and reading digital and analog sensors in real-time (using SignalR), learning the environment and making predictions (using ML.NET).
Let’s get together throughout the chain of decisions and optimizations made for bringing the .NET Bot (droid) alive!

Daniel Costea

Trainer Apex Code

Trainer. Developer. Speaker. Event organizer.
These are the ingredients that make Daniel loves his job.
In the last 3 years, Daniel delivered 1000+ hrs of training on .NET web technologies for more than 500 students.
In the last 2 years, he was a speaker on .NET technologies at more than 20 IT conferences in Europe (Romania, Norway, and Greece), and Europe, and the USA.
Excited about their great potential, Daniel expands the learning focus towards the new kids on the block, Internet of Things and Machine Learning.
Daniel strongly believes in the power of the community and he’s the organizer of two meetup groups (both part of .NET Foundation), Cluj.NET and .NET Romania, and the co-organizer of ApexVox, a free .NET conference for developers.



Mar 16 2019


06:00 PM - 07:00 PM