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JavaScript and water-meters

JavaScript and water-meters

Adrian Oprea

Chief Everything Officer at weremote.eu

Adrian was born to make and break things!
With a proven track record of philology, high-school volleyball and kinesiology, he had all the premises of becoming a software developer. His technical inclination eventually lured him to JavaScript in 2009 and he’s been struggling to kick the addiction ever since.
Adrian had the chance of making all the mistakes junior, intermediate and senior developers make.
From pushing debug logs to production with passwords being logged in plain-text, to avoiding code linting and side-stepping validation to force-push on the master branch, all the way up to using technologies on client projects simply because he wanted them on his CV.
Being the over-communicating kind, he loves to share his personal lessons with anyone willing to listen.

Presentation Topic: JavaScript and water-meters

This is a talk about mixed feelings.
It’s about the dichotomy between the passion I have for front-end development — JavaScript in particular — and the dread I feel whenever I have to hand over my water-meter consumption indexes.
Join me and let’s code together an app to solve the reporting and management of residential water consumption, and hopefully make the lives of many-aperson like myself a tad bit better.
We’re going to play with static site generators, React.js, TailwindCSS and a host of other interesting tech you’ll definitely want to use on your next project.


Nov 15 2019


14:30 - 15:30