Alexandru  Lupașcu – Cybernetic security engineer that uses applied cryptography to help companies identify new business models by leveraging emerging technologies, is one of our main speakers at Cluj Tech Society – FinTech Talks.


He debuted in the Excellence Center for Advanced Technologies in Cybernetic security, part of the Technical Military Academy, as a teacher and contributor to research.


In 2018 he launched a consultancy and software development company in Estonia, dedicated to IT security and blockchain technology implementation. Since fall 2019, he is also the co-founder of Dataphoenix, a platform that offers banks, insurance and e-commerce companies the possibility to personalize their services for existing customers, using real-time information about consumer behaviour. 

He will join our Cluj Tech Society -FinTech Talks in the spring of 2020, to talk about fuelling growth through financial data.


Fuelling growth through financial data


Companies are increasingly competing or partnering at different points along the finTech value chain to take advantage of unmet customer needs, less efficient cost structures and high capital usage.


Recent technologies allow these companies to collect a greater variety of customer data, such as customer locations and social media behaviour. Nonetheless, the open banking model uncovers new ways to obtain spending insights while emphasising the customer-centricity to personalize existing services.


In addition to better products and services, the use of financial data can increase economic growth by bringing new customers into the financial system, and why not – treating this data as labour and reward accordingly.