In 2012, after almost a decade of organising general recruiting events, we decided it was high time to organise, in Cluj, a dedicated recruiting fair especially for those working in IT.

But Cluj is a city where technology has skyrocketed in the past few years, so we decided to step-up and evolve our events towards other professional instruments that will enable participants to showcase and develop their abilities and aptitudes: speed coding challenge, training sessions, esports area, conferences and other connected activities, completed and re-shaped from one edition to the next.

And now, after 6 years of dedicated events to the IT community, we felt the need to rebrand this complex event, to better communicate all that takes place during the two days of events. Therefore, we present to you Cluj Tech Society, a name that brings under its umbrella, two days of open stage talks, interactive presentations, workshops and sessions dedicated to entrepreneurs, employers and candidates with potential, but also dedicated areas for gamers and coders.

Edu Tech- the conference theme for this fall

Ever since we started this event concept five years ago, Cluj Tech Society has grown together with the need for knowledge in this field, thus leading to having over 100 IT companies present at our most recent edition.

The fall edition of the event is dedicated to EduTech (Education and Technology). Among those present at the event we will have Eden Lazaness, Head of Innovation at King’s College, representatives from Google (from Zurich) and Testerum (Amsterdam).



We also have a hackathon, called EduHack, that will bring together important members from areas essential to optimisation and problem-solving in various industries. Practically, this means two days of intense work, 40 participants and quantifiable results, prizes and direct research, using available resources for each event, both from the thousands of participants as well as from direct interaction with the companies present at the events.

Wikipedia and open education

Also during the event, we will also implement an editathon, under the name

 “Wikipedia and open education”, a workshop made in collaboration with Wikimedians from România. Visitors will have the possibility to learn how to write, edit and promote articles on the largest online platform dedicated to education: Wikipedia.


Digital Crusade at Cluj Tech Society

During the two days of Cluj Tech Society, we will bring an entertaining as well as interactive component, an esports championship called Digital Crusade. The concept was launched at Cluj in 2018, extended to Chișinău and Sibiu in the spring of 2019, reaching Iași this fall. There is an estimate of tens of teams and individual players, with over 100 people actively involved and over 500 audience participants that came especially to be part of the game. 

For each of the event’s season, there were approximately 5000 participants interested in this field, the direct interaction with the candidates, employers, speakers and gamers creating the perfect environment to transform each idea into a source of inspiration for new projects, but also to evolve the IT community in Romania.