Cluj is a city where technology has skyrocketed in the past few years, determining us, the team of Târgul de Cariere, after 12 years of nation-wide experience in recruitment-fairs, to step-up and evolve our local IT event towards other professional instruments that will enable participants to showcase and develop their abilities and aptitudes, like: speed coding challenge, training sessions, esports area, conferences and other connected activities, completed and re-shaped from one edition to the next.

This fall, we are pleased to launch Cluj Tech Society, two days of open stage talks, interactive presentations, workshops and sessions dedicated to entrepreneurs, employers and candidates with potential, while also having a special area for gamers and coders.

The event will take place at BT Arena, on 15th and 16th of November.

Our aim is to create a special, one-of-a-kind atmosphere, integrated in an interactive space, oriented towards technological evolution. We’ll be doing this with the help of special decorations and lights placed in certain key points, highlighting the most interesting areas at the event. We’re sure you’re gonna love it, so come to the dark side, we have everything IT related! And them some!


The main conference will bring international speakers, motivators and people aiming to inspire those present in the two full days of stage talks. Among those present at the event we will have Eden Lazaness, Head of Innovation at King’s College, representatives from Google (from Zurich) and Testerum (Amsterdam).

The second day will bring two panel discussions, both with a focus on education, Edu Tech being the main theme for this year: 

Education: Evolution vs Involution, with Thea Ionescu, from the Psychology College of UBB, Maria Predoiu, EdTech entrepreneur and Urania Cremene, author of the program ‘All about Parenting’.

Upgrade Technology, with Eden Lazaness, Head of Innovation at King’s College, Crux Conception, Phd at Walden University, Daniela Popescu, Vice-Rector at Technical University and Simona Motogna, Prodean at Mathematics and Informatics College of UBB. 

We will also have a hackathon, called EduHack, that will bring together important members from areas essential to optimisation and problem-solving in various industries; and we will also implement an editathon, under the name “Wikipedia and open education”, a workshop made in collaboration with Wikimedians from România.



During the two days of Cluj Tech Society, we will bring an entertaining as well as interactive component, an esports championship called Digital Crusade. The concept was launched at Cluj in 2018 and, together with Transylvania Esports, the concept grew to what today is Digital Crusade, the largest esports tournament in Romania. At Cluj Tech Society, Digital Crusade will have its biggest competition yet, bringing five esports tournaments in the course of two days: League of Legends 5v5, Counter Strike: Global Offensive 5v5, Teamfight Tactics, FIFA20 and Hearthstone.

So, while all of this tech-savvy activities will take place at BT Arena, you’re invited to join us. For ease of access, please download the app and scan the QR code at the entrance.